Business Directory Listings Importance

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Why is it important to take advantage free business directory listings? 

So you have built your website and you have a few social media pages, now what? Are you truly taking advantage of all of the freebies that are out there? Do you understand the Importance of having Business Listings Sure your business might be mentioned all over the internet, and some of the time you probably didn’t have anything to do with it. But having your business listed in as many business directories as possible is important organic search results, not to mention SEO –  Search Engine Optimization.


Strong Accurate Presence

Having the correct information on each and every free business directory listing out there will help your business have a strong accurate presence on the web. Maybe you have changed your location or phone number or even your websites, regardless of why its wrong it needs to be corrected. Google will improve search results by aggregating information about your business from all over the web.  This is why it is vital to make sure your listings are correct on all third party sites. If not it is important to update or contact these sites to have them updated so that Google can find your correct business listings.


Google Yourself!

Virtual Marketing Assistant HelpSo how do you know if your listings are incorrect?  Google yourself! Simply Google your business name. Scroll thru each listing to see if it show in directories such as Yellow Pages, Manta, Yelp, Foursquare, EZ Local and others.  Take a moment to double check that your business information is correct and up to date. If it is not correct, most likely this is hurting your rankings.

Now that you have done the big one…. you must check Bing and Yahoo too…. those are also big search engines that need to be checked as well.


Claim your Listing

While you are checking each listing, look to see if there is an option to claim, manage or take ownership of your listing. Sometimes and in  many cases you will not have submitted your business to these directories. They would have just added it themselves or others have listed them for you to give your business a review.



Business Directory Listings helping handOverwhelmed with a lot of “other things” to do?  This is simply just not in your “wheel house”  or something you have the time to do?  Well that is where Cross Promotions, LLC comes in.   You can hire us to get this job done.


Call me to discuss how I can get your listing up to date, claimed and all recorded in one place for you.  It’s important to keep these directories active from time to time by adding current promotions and photos.  Your Virtual Marketing Assistant is an expert in these areas and can get your business website ranking in no time.

Its simple…just call Lisa at 954-290-1471 or email 

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