Let Us Produce Your Photo Media Library

Photography Production –  Hire us to fill you media library with photography assets.

We live in an age of photographic abundance.  Technology today has made it easy to capture and share images.  However, the downside of this is that too many people think that getting great photos is as simple as just pushing a button.  But is that photo professional enough for your brand?


Here are the three reasons why you need to hire a corporate photographer for your next event.

Have you ever noticed that the photos in a company’s annual report have a certain “look” about them?

They are not glamorous, nor are they snapshots.

They are not overly posed or flanked with props, nor are they without context.

Everyone looks great without looking like they spent hours in hair and makeup.

A corporate photographer has to be able to make people look stunning and create an interest to encourage prospective clients to look further into your brand. An experienced photographer understands exactly what you are looking for and will customize your photoshoot to make sure you get the shots you need.

Do not try this at home folks!  Hire a pro!

Professional photographers do more than take pictures: they use their training and experience to consistently capture the perfect image to fit into your commercial marketing collateral pieces.

Commercial photography can be used for billboards, websites, annual reports, trade show banners, brochures, magazine and online advertisements.  You take pride in your business and will invest hundreds if not several thousands of dollars to reach to advertise your business.  Doesn’t it make sense to use personalized, compelling professional photography that impresses your audience?

“Images speak louder than words”.  Snapshots and photography on the cheap don’t embolden your brand and people wont take your business seriously.   Catapult your company ahead of the competition.  Use a professional commercial photographer to make your advertisements connect with your prospective clients.

Cross Promotions will work with you and your team find the right photographer that will fit your needs.

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