Taking advantage of FREE Advertising

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Who doesn’t love Free Advertising?


Ring ring,  Does your business constantly get calls from Google or a Marketing Company offering you great packages on SEO or Adwords?

Do you have an analytics program in place to let you know who is visiting your site, what pages they are looking at and if they decided to push the “call now” button?

Are you taking advantage of all of the FREE websites out there that will list your business?

Do you have listings that have incorrect information?


Don’t invest one dime into Adword Marketing campaign until you have made sure you have taken advantage of all of the freebies out there!

List your business on as many search engines as you can, put your business listings on as many search directories that are relevant to your business? By placing your local business Name, Address, and Phone number on directories, online business listing sites, and citation sites you will help ORGANICALLY improve your business’s visibility while having backlinks from these sites can also have a benefit to your Search Engine Optimization.

  • Correct and Consistent Name, Address, Phone Number. It is very important that you add or update your business on multiple business listing sites, make sure you’re providing the same company information across each directory.  If those listings are not consistent it can cause problems with getting your site ranked.
  • A link to your website. Backlinks — which are also known as inbound links — are vital to your company website’s domain authority.
  • A company description.  Have a detailed description of your business that reflects your organization’s mission, products or services.
  • Multimedia. Catch their attention with a picture or video of your office, your employees, or your daily business operations.  You have 8 seconds to catch interest.  Photos and videos help greatly!


Tracking and Analyzing

Free AdvertisingsNow that you have your directories and search engine listings, do you have a tracker or an analytics program in place to see how well people are reaching your organically?  Have you made sure you have the proper keywords embedded in your website so that you are found on a search engine using those words?  Have you searched those keywords to see if your business comes up organically?

These are steps you should take as a business owner to get your business noticed organically BEFORE you should buy any advertising.  If this is something you would like to learn or have done for you…. well then you came to the right place!!   Hire a VMA to assist!!   We can provide one-on-one coaching to help guide you thru the process.



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