Virtual Assistance with your Marketing Campaigns

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Help I need assistance with my marketing campaigns! 

Maybe you need a Virtual Assistant?


So what is a Virtual Marketing Assistant anyways?

Virtual Marketing AssistantA Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) is an experienced marketing professional who works as a contractor or freelancer typically remotely. The VMA will work with you to assist in tackling those marketing plans you have been neglecting by helping to keep you on track with your marketing efforts. The only difference is that the VMA works virtually or remotely rather than from your office. You communicate via phone, e-mail or online with tools like Zoom or Skype.  If your VMA is local to you they can sometimes meet you in person.


What are the types of tasks that a VMA can do to support my marketing efforts?

1.) Email Marketing – creation, execution, and reporting.

2.) Social Media – creations, monitoring, and reporting.

3.) WordPress Blogging -creation, blog creation and distribution to your social media sites.

4.) Directory Listings – creating and maintaining business directory listings such as Yelp, Alignable, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

5.) Event Planning – coordinating and finding vendors, seminar locations, photographers, videographers, event details and much more.

6.) Organize – create and maintain client contact database, maintain and update online listings.

7.) Marketing Collateral – the creation of handout materials for speaking engagements, digital flyers, promotional prints.

8.) Seasonal Campaigning –  creation, and distribution of seasonal events such as holidays collateral, client gift cards and more.

9.) Research and reporting –  follow-up and reporting of analytics and marketing demographic performance.


Why wouldn’t I just hire a temp to help me?

You could hire a temp but what will happen the next time you need support?  Sometimes there is no guarantee that you will get the same temp as the last time.  As you may know the skills and abilities of temps can vary.  So you might be forced to re-train or re-explain what you might need. When you work with a VMA you will be building a relationship with the same person who will learn your practice, likes, wants and needs.


Hiring a Virtual Marketing AssistantI already have an in-house assistant. Why would I need a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Sure you could work with an in-house assistant, but are marketing efforts at the top of his or her priority list? They might have good intentions to get that campaign out but sometimes things happen and you need to take care of the current clients first.  Therefore, your marketing efforts get pushed to the side and other priorities will become first.  Your VMA is the go-to person as she will supplement your team as she is just an email or a phone request away.

Why not just hire a full-time marketing assistant?

Do you have enough work to keep an assistant busy? Do you have the office space, equipment, and marketing software needed in-house for this assistant? How much time do you have to place an ad, interview, and train an assistant?  What about having to pay for benefits, vacation time, sick time, and employment taxes?  Not to mention the uncomfortable feeling of having to sever the ties if they simply don’t work out?  Hiring a VMA just requires a few minutes of your time to send an email, schedule a meeting, or making a phone call to get your marketing project going.  We are paid by the hour, we have our own home office and we are ready to go!

Are you ready?

Ready to explore the possibility of working with a Virtual Marketing Assistant? Call, e-mail, or complete the Contact Us form and we will be in touch to answer questions and get you started with your VMA.


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